The health and safety of our employees is at the top of our priorities list.

Safety comes first here, and our day to day priority is keeping our employees safe, happy, and healthy. We expect our employees to have that same dedication to maintain a safe and healthy workspace as we do, no matter what the situation might be.

We are constantly RE-investing into our safety equipment to ensure our employees have the safest and most dependable work experience possible. With new and updated safety equipment, our employees can rest easy knowing they’re able to do the job safely and efficiently.

Statement from safety:

We promote, encourage, and deliver one of the safest work forces in our industry, with a dedication to everyone returning home the way that they arrived. This goal is not just met by our employees but a culture that stems from the loss of many fallen brothers in our trade that paved our way towards no injuries and no illness. Every moving part of GMB from the top of the company to the newest employee all take great pride in aiming for this highly sought after number of target 0.