GMB Powerline Services LLC

Lineman Owned and Operated.
GMB is an equal opportunity employer.

Office: (304) 346-9383
Address: 550 Hunt Ave. Charleston, WV 25302

GMB Powerline Services LLC is a woman ran, family business serving the community with reliable and professional electric restoration services.


GMB Powerline Services LLC is striving to provide the very best in the industry standards. Our team is willing to go above and beyond in aiding in the restoration of electric services to families and communities around the United States.


At GMB Powerline Services LLC we strive to maintain a family atmosphere while maintaining a professional relationship with the Companies that we work under.


We value our family, crew members, and the communities that we serve. We value each other and are willing to lend a hand to help each other. When a person joins our crew they become part of our family. Each member of our team brings new ideas into our mix, and we work together as a team to use some ideas into our business.


Business model:

GMB Powerline Services LLC operates as well as it does, because our support staff is willing to go the extra mile. With our line of work it is not always a 9 to 5 job. When a call comes in for us to go our main support staff is always doing their best to aid in the process of moving our equipment and crew to the location.

Value chain

As a woman ran business we bring the sense of family to the table. We understand what and how much value each person brings when they join our team. We believe that there is no “I” in team. We work together to reach a common goal.

Ownership – Michael V. Adkins – Owner
Jodi Rearden – CEO
Dylan Mills – COO
Supporting documents (available on request)

Business objectives

Our mission is to maintain a safe and productive work environment for all individuals. We encourage safety and support for all of our crew members.

What the business does

GMB Powerline Services is based out of West Virginia. We pull our crew together from many different locations and states. When a call comes in for the probability of a outage our crew will travel to the area to aid in the restoration of downed lines.

Economic operation

GMB Powerline Services LLC is a for-hire company. We give back to our local communities and support our IBEW family.

Business strategy

We have overcome many obstacles and challenges. We pull together and work as a team to keep moving forward and growing. We are working on growing our fleet and increasing our crew members. At GMB we are working on a small goal that we set for ourself. Once we reach a goal we put another one in place.

Service pledge

We pledge to our customers, colleagues, community members to provide the very best in industry standards for restoring electrical services.